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  1. The Sophora japonica extracts contain flavonol triglycoside, isoflavonol, coumarone chromone, saponin, triterpene glucoside, phospholipids, alkaloids, amino acids, polysaccharides, and fatty acids. These componen...

    Authors: Karam Kim, Hwa Jun Cha, Dahye Joo, Seong Jin Choi, In Sook An and Sungkwan An
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2018 2:4
  2. Annona muricata (A. muricata) L. (also known as graviola) contains various antioxidants that have beneficial effects on headaches, hypertension, coughs and asthma. A. muricata L. also ...

    Authors: Dahye Joo, Seonghee Jeong, Hyun Kyung Lee, Shang Hun Shin, Seong Jin Choi, Karam Kim, In-Sook An, Kyung-Yun Kim, Jung-Eun Ku, Sun-Hee Jeong and Hwa Jun Cha
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2017 1:10
  3. Pemphigus vulgaris is an autoimmune disorder which presents with painful mucocutaneous blisters and erosions. On the skin, they are flaccid bullae or erosions, and on the mucosa, they present as erosions. This...

    Authors: William J. Sanders
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2017 1:7
  4. Aging is the result of a complex polygenetic trait characterized by decreased regeneration capacity and increased vulnerability to external and internal perturbations. Consequently, the inevitable process crit...

    Authors: Sang-Hun Bae, Chun-Hyung Kim, Pierre Leblanc, Jisook Moon and Kwang-Soo Kim
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2017 1:9
  5. A neem-based conditioner lotion (ONC) used against head lice was previously tested clinically and shown to be relatively ineffective. To improve the activity against lice and their eggs, it was reformulated in...

    Authors: Ian F. Burgess, Elizabeth R. Brunton, Nazma A. Burgess and Mark N. Burgess
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2017 1:8
  6. Coptis chinensis (C. chinensis) contains various antioxidants, including berberine, epiberberlin, ferulic acid, magnoflorine, palmatine, and worenine, which have antibacterial, anti-in...

    Authors: Hyun Kyung Lee, Seonghee Jeong, Shang Hun Shin, Dahye Joo, Seong Jin Choi, Karam Kim, In-Sook An, Kyung-Yun Kim, Jung-Eun Ku, Sun-Hee Jeong and Hwa Jun Cha
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2017 1:6
  7. The present research was conducted to investigate the in vivo and in vitro anti-allergic activity of a traditional Chinese medicine formulation comprising Ampelopsis grossedentata, Saposhnikovia divaricata, Sopho...

    Authors: Li Li, Xiao-yue Wang, Hong Meng, Guang-rong Liu, Chang Liu and Yin-Mao Dong
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2017 1:5
  8. On behalf of the entire Editorial Board, we are honoured to write this editorial and announce the launch of the new journal Biomedical Dermatology. This is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal and specialises in...

    Authors: Yinmao Dong, In Sook An, Laiji Ma and Sungkwan An
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2017 1:3
  9. Lipofilling is a cosmetic surgical procedure that consists in the withdrawal of a small quantity of fat tissue from a suitable anatomic area and the reimplantation of this tissue in another corporeal district ...

    Authors: Antonella Savoia, Angelica Perna, Basso Di Pasquale, Nicoletta Onori, Antonio De Luca, Angela Lucariello and Alfonso Baldi
    Citation: Biomedical Dermatology 2017 1:1