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Table 2 Correlation between skin roughness parameters and age difference BA – CA

From: Difference between the biologic and chronologic age as an individualized indicator for the skin care intensity selection: skin topography and immune system state studies, parameter correlations with age difference

Skin roughness parameter (calculated by the Cutometer embedded software)BA – CA
Sa, average roughness− 0.381*
Smax, maximum stretching of the roughness profile (difference between the highest “peak” and the deepest “valley” within the whole measured area)− 0.194
Sz, ten-point height (average value of 5 highest peaks minus average value of 5 deepest valleys within the whole measured area)− 0.278
Sp, height of the greatest profile peak− 0.268
Sv, depth of the deepest profile valley0.413**
Sda, mean dale area (average value of the local profile slope in the measured plane)− 0.269
  1. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01