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Table 1 Ganoderma triterpenoids in G. lucidum

From: Advances in research on the active constituents and physiological effects of Ganoderma lucidum

No.Compound nameTypesR1R2R3R4R5R6Source
1Lucidenic acid HIβ-OHOHβ-OHHOHFruit body
2Lucidenic acid LIβ-OHHOβ-OHOHFruit body
3Lucidenic acid IIβ-OHOHOHOHFruit body
4Lucidenic acid JIβ-OHOHOβ-OHOHFruit body
5Lucidenic acid KIOHOα-OHOHFruit body
6Lucidenic acid MIβ-OHHα-OHHα-OHHFruit body
7Methyl lucidenate IIβ-OHOHOHOMeFruit body
8Methyl lucidenate JIβ-OHOHOβ-OHOMeFruit body
9Methyl lucidenate KIOHOα-OHOMeFruit body
10Methyl lucidenate LIβ-OHHOβ-OHOMeFruit body
11Methyl lucidenate MIβ-OHHα-OHHα-OHMeFruit body
12Methyl lucidenate AIOHβ-OHHOMeMycelia
13Methyl lucidenate CIβ-OHHβ-OHβ-OHOMeFruit body
14Methyl lucidenate FIOHOHOMeMycelia
15Methyl lucidenate NIβ-OHHβ-OHHOMeFruit body
16Methyl lucidenate PIβ-OHHβ-OHβ-OAcOMeFruit body
17Methyl lucidenate QIOHβ-OHHα-OHMeFruit body
18Bethyl lucidenate HIβ-OHOHβ-OHHOMeFruit body
19Methyl lucidenate D2IOHOβ-OAcOMeFruit body
20Ethyl lucidenate AIOHβ-OHHOEtFruit body
21Butyl lucidenate AIOHβ-OHHOBuFruit body
22Butyl lucidenate NIβ-OHHβ-OHHOBuFruit body
23t-Butyl lucidenate BIOHβ-OHβ-OHOBuFruit body
24Butyl lucidenate PIβ-OHHβ-OHβ-OAcOBuFruit body
25Butyl lucidenate QIOHβ-OHHα-OHBuFruit body
26Butyl lucidenate D2IOHOβ-OAcOBuFruit body
27Butyl lucidenate E2Iβ-OHHOβ-OAcOBuFruit body
28n-Butyl lucidenate AIOHβ-OHHOMeFruit body
29n-Butyl lucidenate NIβ-OHHβ-OHHOHFruit body
30Methyl lucidenate E2Iβ-OHHOOAcOMeFruit body
317,15-Dihydroxy-4,4,14-trimethyl-3,11-dioxochol-8-en–24-oic acidIOHOHHOHHFruit body