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Table 1 Evaluation of active acne*

From: Comparison of efficacy of commercially available vs. freshly prepared salicylic acid peel in treatment of acne: a randomized open-label study

Lesion Severity Index definition*
Comedone 0.5 Horny follicular plug and pinhead-sized follicular papules
Papule 1.0 Infiltrated papules 2–8 mm
Pustule 2.0 Pustules 42 mm with surrounding inflammation
Infiltrate 3.0 Nodules and infiltrates: 48 mm and coalescent papules where individual papules cannot be distinguished
Cyst 4.0 Lesions where infiltrate has broken down to form discharging cyst
  1. *Michaelsson et al. (1977); Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank (2003)